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The curious story of how Soulja Boy managed to make millions selling soap

We all know him for his hit 'Crank That', but others know him as the 'King of Soap'. While the world was shut down and businesses were collapsing, the American rapper DeAndre Cortez, A.K.A Soulja Boy, took risky business decisions. Read his mind-blowing success journey below.

  • The 30-year-old rapper is also a record producer, actor, and entrepreneur.
  • He appeared in numerous movies like 'School Gyrls' and 'Officer Down'
  • DeAndre started expanding his business in 2010 when he earned $7 million just ringtone downloads alone. His net worth is $30 million as of 2021.
Soulja Boy throwing money away at a nightclub in July 2021
Last year, in 2020, the world was in need of soap. With his millions, the rapper  Soulja Boy invested in a soap company just at the right time. The rapper revealed in an interview that he and his manager, Miami Mike, collaborated with The Soap Shop to open a franchise in Mississippi. The brand sells soaps, dish detergents, and antibacterial products. 
Soulja Boy soap shop

As the cases increased, so did the demand for antibacterial products like hand washes, sanitizers, and disinfectants. The idea that drove Soulja Boy to invest in a soap company was simple:

"everybody needs soap"

The company's sales went from 100 bottles a month to 3000 product sales, marking a massive increase of up to 3000%.

Sweet Pea Soap from the Soap Shop
He doesn't only buys expensive cars but he also does charity work. The rapper is also the founder of Bubbles for Cash fundraiser and a great sum of the earnings from the soap company goes into funding for different organizations.

The secret of a successful businessman lies in evolving with time. Provide people with what they necessarily need, and you're good to go.

What do you think about his story? Check out the story of his soap company below:

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