American TikTok user infuriates Brits after video about tea American TikTok user infuriates Brits after video about tea

American TikTok user infuriates Brits after video about tea

Michelle is an American who lives in the UK, she first outraged British with her video tutorial on how to make British tea. The TikTok video rapidly went viral and Michelle received a lot of criticism and rage comments. 

  • The American TikTok user offended the British by posting a video on how to prepare British tea.
  • Michelle didn't stop there, she recently posted a video on how to make British scrambled eggs, what will be next?

After all the comments on social media the mother of three decided to upload a video on her YouTube channel answering questions about her videos. Michelle is very active on different social media platforms, but TikTok is by far where she has amassed the most reaching almost 194K followers.

One of the comments on her scrambled eggs video read: “now that’s how you cook diabetes”. Another Twitter user wrote: “Where on earth (not Britain that for sure) did you hear that’s how me make eggs?! That looks rank! Sugar? Squirty cream? And where’s the rest of the breakfast? Massive fail. I suppose it’ll go nicely with your tea. [sic]”.


Michelle's 'tea' video not only went viral but it also got a lot of television coverage in the UK and the US. There have also been spin-off's of her video where Brits follow her tutorial on how to prepare a cup of hot tea. Take a look at her Instagram page where she has uploaded several shows that talk about her videos.

Like it or not, the American from the south has given everybody something to talk about and with almost 350,000 views in 2 days for her eggs video surely people can't wait for her next attempt on a British staple.


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