Heard and Depp when they were back together

Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of attacking her 14 times

The accusations go between the time period of 2013 and 2016 in places like Los Angeles, Boston, Bahamas and even Tokyo, Japan. They are in the middle of a trial. Read more below to see what happened.  

By  Kelsey Miller
  • Depp and Heard met in 2011 while filming the film Rum Diary and 3 years later they got married in Los Angeles.
  • They are both in London for a trial where the actor sued the English newspaper The Sun for writing he was a "wife beater".
  • Heard says that the Pirates of the Caribbean star is a drug addict and that he hit her several times.

The first time was in 2013, when Depp hit her for the first time, and he apologized later saying he could "turn into a monster" when he is angry. Most of the time he was under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine or even magic mushrooms, which he also confirms.  

Amber Heard took this photo in 2016 after Depp smashed a phone in her face in Los Angeles. Source: Splashe in May 2016

He even painted a mirror once with blood and Amber was traumatized. In that same night, she also stated that he tried to urinate around the house trying to write a message, but he denies it.

The blood painted mirror

One episode took place even on a private plane, when the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was so drunk he threw a chair in the middle of the flight. At the end of their marriage, she was even scared because the actor threatened her life saying 'I f****** will kill you, you hear me?'

Amber Heard with bruises from a fight with Depp

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