Lady Gaga at the VMA's Lady Gaga at the VMA's

All of Lady Gaga’s outfit at the MTV music awards 2020!

Gaga took the VMAs to a whole new level. Fans can’t get over how amazing she looked throughout the event. From high energy performances to motivational speeches. Read below to know more!

• Her second full-length, ‘Born this way’, sold over one million copies during the first week.
• Gaga has an estimated net worth of $275 million.
• The 34-year-old American singer wore a ‘Meat Dress’ to the MTV VMAs. Her outfit became a highlight of the show.

Lady Gaga at the VMA's Source: Twitter

Gaga’s performance on ‘Rain on me’ took the internet by storm. The talented singer’s vocals as usual sounded great. She possessed great energy and confidence which showed her dedication to the music industry. She changed eight outfits until the end of the show.

The first look she created for herself was a stylish one. She wore ‘Pleaser shoes’ with a Conrad helmet outfit. Look 2 included a flattering Cecilio mask in combination with a stunning Iris Van Herpen dress.

The incredible Lance V. Moore’s mask she put on the third shift looked so good on her. The actress effortlessly pulled off the stunning Cristopher John Rogers green gown.

Lady Gaga left everyone’s jaw hanging when she displayed her fourth outfit of the night.

Gaga chose to rock a Pierpaolo Piccioli outfit. Her silver Maison Met mask looked chic in cahoots with the eye-catching Dena Kemp jewelry. There was a ‘Lord of the things’ vibe when Gaga collected the first-ever ‘Tri-Con Award’, as she changed into her fifth outfit. Candice Cuoco – The Los Angeles designer, created the jacket for her and Manuel Albarran customized the choker and bra for the famous musician.

Other three more outfits she wore gave out a futuristic vibe. She looked extraordinary as well as impressive throughout her performances. The bold singer was nominated for nine categories. Gaga won five awards, bringing her career total to 18 VMAs.

Fans loved her presence, pointing out that if she can wear a mask, we all can too. Check out her outstanding performance at the VMAs below!

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