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Alicia Keys launches her own beauty line with ELF cosmetics

The singer, who has been a skincare freak, is now working with the drugstore brand e.l.f to launch her own beauty line. Please read below for further details about her new endeavor.

•    Singer-songwriter and classically trained pianist who began writing and composing songs as early as 12 years of age, has sung many remarkable songs like Girl on Fire and her recent single Underdog. 
•    She has a total of 19.7 million followers on Instagram and 30 million on Twitter.
•    39 years old singer was signed her first project at the age of 15 by Columbia records and has since managed to win 15 Grammy awards in her whole career.

Alicia Keys. Soruce: Getty Images

Alicia is working on her own skincare products in collaboration with the famous drugstore make, E.L.F cosmetics, an Oakland, California based company.

E.L.F was founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba in 2004. The brand is expected to launch in 2021. 

Through this project, the singer promises to make it easier for others to find strength and empowerment that they may lack. The elf’s head of corporate communications, Melinda Fried, said that “it’s not another celebrity beauty line because Alicia is more than an icon, she’s an inspiration.” 

The brand is said to be a culmination of celebrity’s personal skincare journey. Alicia has admitted numerous times that the unrealistic beauty standards of society are frustrating and announced in 2016 that she would not wear makeup for public appearances and shoots since it promotes impractical beauty merit for women. Keys has been quite expressive about her decision to stay makeup-free. 

That’s all we know about the beauty line as of now. Name, product details and price tags are not revealed yet. But we are looking forward to what the Underdog singer has in store for us.

Watch this video below to find out everything about Alicia's beauty secrets!

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