Alert: 2020 Tony Award Nominees are revealed!

Alert: Top 3 Tony Award Nominees are revealed!

Curtains, lights and BAM! American Theater at its best. Broadway takes a moment to acknowledge its best and dearest. Nominees have been presented for this year's Tony Awards. Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Hiddleston (famous actor known for playing Thor's mischievous brother, Lucky in the Marvel Series) and Adrienne Warren are on the list. Let's take a look and find out who made the cut!

  • 18 shows are eligible for this year's nominations.
  • Live-streaming will be available on YouTube! Date will soon be revealed!
  • The Tonys is an annual event that recognizes the best achievement in Broadway.

As I scroll down the list of nominees I can't help but feel in awe at the talent and diversity represented. Broadway has always held a magic note for me. One filled with passion, grit, determination and joy. The stage where art renders itself completely and you connect live with the performer. Some of these nominees have made themselves known on the big screen too. Meet some of them!

1.Jake Gyllenhaal

Actor Gyllenhall nominated for best actor in a leading role. Source: Ashley March

Nominated for the Sea Wall/A Life. In this play Jake digs deep into the essence of life, and the meaning and beauty of love.


2.Tom Hiddleston

Betrayal is about an illicit affair that is unfolded backwards. Starting when the marriage crumbles returning to that first spark.

3.Adrienne Warren

Adrienne on a scene from the musical Tina

This talented actress as Tina - The Tina Turner Musical. A musical that renders an homage to Tina Turner, her story, her way with her songs.

Check out her outstanding interpretation of an epic song!



Although Broadway is set to remain closed until June 2021 these actors have managed to receive a deserving recognition.
Check out the complete list of nominees and categories at the official site. Remember to tune in and enjoy a different yet star filled night.

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