Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston

Icons Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston wore the same dress. Who wore it better?

Both stars wore the same dress in different events. They are fit, beautiful and have strictly diet routines. Who do you think wore it better? We let you choose your favourite!

By  Estefania Martínez
  • Jennifer Lopez is known for her countless fitness routines and diets. She even has a gym in her home
  • Jennifer Aniston is more natural but has incredible genetics. Both wore a Versace dress on different occasions. Who wore it better? What do you think?
They were born both in the same year (1969). They are both rich, with a net worth combined estimated in $700 million!
They have been married to the most beautiful men in this world, and they can still rock any beauty and clothing product they try on.

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