Naya Rivera

Actress Naya Rivera is dead and her body is not found

After 72 hours since the disappearance from the TV-show star from Glee in California, authorities have no more hope. After 3 days looking for the body, several theories start to rise. An aquatic phenomenon could explain her death and authorities are consulting relatives of people who died in the same lake for another approach.  Now, the goal is to find the body so that the family can "have closure". More information below.

By  Charles Lorenz
  • The musical TV actress who plays Santana Lopez in the show Glee disappeared while sailing in Lake Piru, California, while sailing with her son.
  • Divers, helicopters and boats are still looking for the body, but the low visibility of the lake, muddy waters make it nearly impossible.

The firmest theory until now is the phenomenon of a water swirl. Those are common in the area of Piru Lake, specially when the dams are open. Relatives from a girl who drowned the same way told the media it's like a force the takes you down the lake and there is "nothing you can do to fight it".

Phenomenon of a water swirl

Probably if the actress had her swimming vest on, the story would be different. 

This has been one of the most tragic stories so far in 2020 concerning celebrities. Naya Rivera disappeared in the lake, and possibly drowned. Luckily, her son, a 4-year-old was found by another sailor.

Authorities searching for the body. Source: USA Today

The kid told the police that her mom "didn't climb back on the boat". A greater loss has been avoided, because the kid hardly could handle the boat by himself. The Hollywood community is in shock.

Authorities are still searching for the body. Source: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Glee co-stars like Harry Shum, Iqbal Theba and Max Adler as well as pop singer Demi Lovato posted their concerns on social media asking to pray for Naya. Her ex and father of the kid, Ryan Dorsey has been seen with the couple’s son for the first time.

Mercedes-Benz SUV when the actress was seen for the last time

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