Lea Thompson

Actress Lea Thompson confirms mistreatment on The Ellen Show

The back to the Future actress backed up comedian Brad Garrett's comment on Twitter about mistreatment on the show. Check it out.

By  Bruno Wahrmann
  • Comedian and 'Everybody Loves Raymond' star was on DeGenere's show as a guest 6 times.
  • The TV host hasn't been accused directly of anything, but employees have said they were ordered not to speak to DeGeneres if they saw her in the building.

Last week Garrett said it was "common knowledge" that the TV host treated her employees "horribly". On July 31st after reports stated that the show was under investigation for staff's experiences, the actress and director Lea Thompson confirmed the tweet by writing "True story. It is."

One of the staff's experiences comes from a former employee who said they were fired after taking a month of medical leave due to a suicide attempt. Another employee, a black woman, said she suffered numerous “microaggressions” after asking for a raise.

Lea Thompson also says there was mistreatment on the set of Ellen DeGeneres Show

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