Kelly Osbourne

Actress Kelly Osbourne's shocking 85 pound weight loss

The actress and fashion designer shows off her incredible weight loss on social media. Check it out!

The controversial Kelly has always given media plenty to talk about. This isn't the first time she's lost weight. In 2009 during her participation in Dancing with the Stars her partner Dutch ballroom champion Louis van Amstel, taught her how to eat. Kelly lost 20 pounds on the show but once the show was over she started to gain it back. The singer didn't like it, so she kept eating a balanced diet and working out.

Osbourne posted on Instagram honoring the late talk show host Regis Philbin with a photo of the two around 2003. Check out how she looked.

Kelly lost 85 pounds, and she's feeling great about it. She is so proud of her hard work she shared an Instagram story showing off a clothing tag marked size 26. “Yes … I’m bragging because I worked hard and it feels good!!!” she wrote.

Clothing tag size 26 posted on Kelly's Instagram story

On December 31st Osbourne decided she was going to prioritize herself instead of always trying to please others. She wrote. “Well this all STOPS today. 2020 is going to be the year of me!!! It’s time to put myself first.”

And by the looks of it, it has worked!

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