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Actress Helen Mirren talks about aging and her love life

Helen Mirren is in her 70s and looks amazing, check out the video below to see her views on aging, working, and her love life.  

  • Her breakthrough role was on the show Prime Suspects, a role that got her 5 BAFTA Awards and many Emmy nominations.
  • Iit wasn't until 2007 when she portrayed Queen Elizabeth II that Mirren became an A-list actress winning her first Oscar Award.

Despite her age, she never plans to retire. She enjoys her working days and talks about everything "With every age comes advantages and disadvantages," she comments.

The trick? "Never look back. Enjoy the present." In regard to her love life, she continues to enjoy it fully, and she is still very passionate. She was married 4 times and is an example to follow! Go Helen!

Helen Mirren and husband American director Taylor Hackford

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