Alyssa Milano

Actress Alyssa Milano denies "blackface" accusations

The actress who is now a radical liberal activist responds to the backlash received after being accused of wearing a black face. She did it at the time as a parody to an actress of the TV show Jersey Shore called "Snookie" (Nicole Polizzi).  Check out the following video to see the transformation!

  • Alyssa Milano was born in New York and has a net worth of $10 million dollars.
  • She is known for her appearances in the TV shows of "Who is the boss" and the series Melrose Place.
  • Blackface issue has become a very significant political issue with the recent claims that white actors shouldn't portray other ethnic background characters. 

 Milano responded to the claims by posting the full video from 2013 of her transformation into Snookie, which by the way she says is a sweetheart.

The now liberal activist is very outspoken and says the accusations are a campaign against her because of her politics. The actress has openly shown her disaproval for Trump.

Alyssa Milano denies accusations and hits back

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