Leo DiCaprio and his father George DiCaprio

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio owes a lot to his father George

Leo is beyond good and evil. He is a proclaimed actor and since more than a decade, a philanthropist and climate change activist. And he should thank a great deal to his father, George DiCaprio, who taught him really well. Read their incredible and loving father-son story below.

Short story about George:

George DiCaprio

He was a comic cartoonist and an entertainment lover who took Leo as a young kid to underground movies, theaters and music shows. George divorced Leo's mother Irmelin after a short time together. Used to be hippie and wasn't the typical 9 to 5 kinda guy. But he knew that Leo was a diamond, and he was born to perform arts.

How did he help Leo:

George and Leo DiCaprio.

After his son became basically the most famous actor in the world with just 23 years old, he suggested investing money wisely. Also, George tried to make Leo understand that he shouldn't take every role he was offered. He should keep in mind the artistic side of his career, to perform roles he would be later remembered on and not to follow the money, but the art. The money would eventually follow. And he was right.

Nowadays they share the connection of being both environmental friendly and participated in the incredible climate change documentary.

His speech after winning the Oscar for best actor where he said "Climate change is real, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species" is remembered every year in environmental summits.

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