A tour of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s house in Mumbai!

The star couple tied the knot in India in 2018, which is Priyanka’s birthplace. They had multi-million party that lasted several days. They liked the place so much, that they bought a mansion!  Their stunning house at Andheri, Mumbai is a sight to behold. Read below to know more!

  • • The 5’5” actress got married to the famous singer Jonas Borther's musician, Nick Jonas
    • PeeCee is a 38-year old artist with a net worth of $50 million.
    • Nick is a 27-year-old singer with a net worth of $25 million.

PeeCee and Jonas have huge houses in multiple cities: Mumbai, Los Angeles, and New York. Their visits to Andheri have given admirers a sneak peek of the house’s interior. This house was also the venue of the pair’s ‘Roka ceremony’ in 2018. 

The exterior of their residence is built in a curved shape. Potted plants cover the entire balcony. There is a modern vibe to the interior. Chopra and Nick have spent quality time in the living area with their friends and family. There is a coffee table in the center of the room with luxurious couches and multicolored cushions on one side. The marble floor adds shine to the whole space. A glass chandelier in the middle also enhances the glamour. 

The inside of their living room

They have a shelf in the corner where they have displayed all their trophies and awards along with their favorite books. The coziest area is the dining room. A circular wooden table is in the center with white and purple floral chairs. 

Did you know that in India, there are 5 society stages called casts and it was forbidden getting married to someone below or above your level?

Castes from India

In this case, they are both "brahmin", the upper level of the pyramid, so it seems that they managed to respect that tradition. And the house reflects it as well! 

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