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A jersey for 500.000 dollars? Only Michael Jordan can do it

The jersey that superstar athlete Michael Jordan signed his contract with NBA basketball team Chicago Bulls will be auctioned by the New Jersey company Goldin Auctions. A new record is expected to be made. Check it out!

  • Netflix documentary "The Last Dance" gave media attention to the greatest basketball that ever played again.
  • Memorabilia items from the star reached selling records, including a pair of Air Jordan shoes that were sold for $560.000 dollars in an auction in May.
  • Other items will include a signed jersey of Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers idol who died on a helicopter accident.
Jordan Jersey to be auctioned

Ever since the TV show Pawn Stars came out, everybody has been fascinated with the price of "history". The series focused on the everyday business of the famous Gold & Silver store in Las Vegas, where they buy and sell everything from weapons to instruments and sports memorabilia.

Lebron James rookie card was sold for $1.8 million

Now, the Rookie T-shirt that Michael wore when he got to the bulls is expecting to reach a staggering amount of $500.000, says the CEO of Goldin Auctions.

Here is the video about the pair of Air Jordan snickers that were sold for $560.000 dollars in an auction in May.

The prize that people pay to feel the magic of this sports idol!

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