Kenneth Felts Kenneth Felts

90-year-old man comes out of the closet to his daughter

This heart-breaking story will melt your heart. Kenneth Felts, from Colorado, used his free time to reveal his most precious secrets. He told his daughter the truth, and he shared the news with the world. Check this emotional post below!

By  Charles Lorenz
  • For Kenneth, it was now or never: his first love ever was a man called Phillip.
  • He feels now free, after telling his daughter Rebecca the truth.
  • Wait for it...she is also a member of the LGBTQ community!

In these strange moment of history, where people spend a lot of time at their homes, Kenneth made a choice. He decided to tell his daughter the truth just like she confessed to him... 25 years ago!

Lockdown gave him a time to be brave and to open about something that in his young age was illegal. He finally feels free and his daughter is super happy about him, so are we! Congratulations Kenneth!

The man and his freedom smile

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