5 unknown facts about actor Robin Williams

One of Hollywood's most beloved actors. Robin Williams made his way into everybody's hearts! But this video will show you some surprises that you didn't know for sure!

1. He improvised the scene in Good Will Hunting where he describes his wife’s farts. Matt Damon was laughing uncontrollably.
2. When he was in Juilliard he was told not to waste his time with acting and to focus on stand-up comedy.
3. He also improvised the scene in Mrs. Doubtfire where her face melts off. The truth is the lighting accidentally started to melt during filming.
4. Make-A-Wish Foundation was heavily involved in the filming of Patch Adams, and the children from the foundation are the ones in the movie.
5. He was friends with Koko the gorilla from San Francisco Zoo. Koko knows almost all the Sign Language alphabet

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