5 things you don't know about actor Edward Norton

The American actor and filmmaker is one of many stars to be on Hollywood's black list. Apparently Norton is complicated to work with. Check out the video to see why nobody wants to work with him and other interesting facts.

1. In 1998, he played guitar with Courtney Love’s band

2. Norton recut the film 'American History X' himself despite the directors objections. The director demanded his name be removed from the credits and replaced with “Humpty Dumpty".

3. During 'The Incredible Hulk' he insisted the director make the changes he suggested. The movie was a flop and Marvel was angry. He wasn't cast again to play the role in 'The Avengers' coincidence?

4. He turned down the roles for 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'American Phsyco'.

5. He and his 'Rounders' co-star, Matt Damon entered the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and Miramax paid the $10,000 entry fee

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