Queen Elizabeth II

5 secret facts about the Queen of England Elizabeth II

She is one of the most famous faces worldwide. And also one of the most private. Here are things you didn't know about the ruler of England. You will be surprised after seeing this video!

By  Kelsey Miller
The Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle for the Duke´s 99th birthday. Source: The Royal Family
1. She had more than 30 dogs (and she has a race of her own called dorgi).
2. How old is Queen Elizabeth? She was born in 1926! She is the oldest queen in the world with over 90 years old.
3. She owns all the dolphins and swans in the UK, according to a 12th century rule.
4. She never went to school. She had private tutors at her castle.
5. She doesn't pay taxes, nor can she go to jail. She is above all.

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