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5 incredible facts about actress Jennifer Garner

The actress and producer gained recognition for her performance as a CIA officer in the ABC spy-action thriller Alias (2001–2006). She was married to actor Ben Affleck and has 3 children. More on the Hollywood actress below!

  • For her role on Alias Garner won a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award, in addition, she received four Primetime Emmy Award nominations.
  • The actress is an activist for early childhood education and a board member of Save the Children.
  • She is the co-founder and chief brand officer of Once Upon a Farm, the organic baby food company.
  • Garner is also an advocate for anti-paparazzi campaigns among children of celebrities.

1. A daring woman. During her time on the series Alias (2001), Garner learned martial arts and did most of the action sequences herself. Later in 2003 while filming Daredevil Garner got tangled in a wire and was unable to move her arms. The actress would've crashed head first into a wall if it wasn't for her co-star and later husband Ben Affleck, who caught her. But Garner is a very courageous woman and on the set of the 2005 spin-off film Elektra she suffered another accident with co-star Will Yun Lee who sliced her knuckles during one of the scenes.

Marvel's 2005 film Elektra is a spin-off of the 2003 film Daredevil

2. As a rising actress, Garner babysat for Stephen Colbert. The two had met while doing cameos on Spin City: The Competition.

3. In April 2005 Ben Affleck proposed to Garner and in June of that year they got married in the Caribbean. The marriage was officiated by her Alias co-star and friend Victor Garber. The actress was 4 months pregnant at the time. It was just the three of them. 

Victor Garber is a Canadian-American actor and singer. He's known for his work in television, film, and theatre.

4. Jennifer Garner had her ears pierced 3 times in her life. Growing up Garner's parents didn't allow Jennifer to pierce them. The first time she did it was in 1999, the second was for the 2006 Oscar Awards, specifically to wear the $250,000 diamond earrings. And the third and final time she got them pierced was with her sister Melissa in 2009.

5. Not only is the humanitarian co-founder of Once Upon a Farm organic baby food company, but she is also a great cook! She would often read cookbooks in bed. Garner is always posting cooking videos on Instagram.

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