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4 healthy snacks celebrities swear by to stay in shape

Celebrities follow different workout routines in order to stay fit, but when it comes to snacking they also select very carefully what to eat. Check out what their go-to healthy snacks are!

  • Cravings can hit at any time and throw you off of your diet plan.
  • If you can't go without eating, here are a few healthy options. These low-carb snacks are a fantastic solution.
Jennifer Aniston

1. The Morning Show actress, Jennifer Aniston snacks on hard-boiled eggs.

2. American model and foodie Chrissy Teigen's go-to healthy snack is a jar of pickled peppers. “I put them in certain dishes, like tuna casserole, when I want that crunchy bite of heat, but I mainly just munch on them.”

3. Actress Jessica Alba and founder of The Honest Company goes for popcorn. She swaps the butter for some coconut oil. 

4. Emma Stone revealed her favorite snack is french fries but when it comes to a healthy option the La La Land actress prefers Brussels sprouts. 

If these celebrities didn't convince you with their snacks check out the video below for more. From nuts to hummus, this list has everything from salty to sweet from morning to night. 

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