5 fun facts you probably didn't know about Mindy Kaling

We just found out that actress and writer Mindy Kaling had another baby. Although her personal life is a mystery, and we don't know who the father of the baby is, we have some unknown facts about her so you can get to know Mindy better. Scroll down and find out.

  • Vera Mindy Chokalingam AKA Mindy Kaling was born 41 years ago in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
  • She is an American actress/writer/comedian mostly known for her role as Kelly Kapoor on The Office.
  • The actress has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

Mindy is not only all those things we told you before but also the proud mother of two beautiful children. Katherine and Spencer.

Although we don't know who the father of the children is because she is super reserved with her private life, and we think it's great to have some intimacy.

What's obvious is that this actress and writer of Hindu descent is an independent woman capable of carrying out whatever she sets her mind to.

Mindy Kaling holding her little daughter. Both her pregnancies were kept secret

Today we want to tell you a little more about her, and we have some curious facts that might wanna know about this fantastic comedian.

Let's see them

1978's show Mork and Mindy

1. Her first name is Vera.

The actress decided to use the stage name Mindy Kaling, but her mother originally called her Vera after a Hindu Goddess.

The middle name Mindy was chosen because while her mother was pregnant and living in Nigeria with The Office actress' father the only American show they could see was Robin Williams' Mork and Mindy.

It's funny because Kaling run into the late actor and told him the story, and he didn't believe her!

Mindy was a guest on Conan O'Brien show but she used to be his intern

2. The talented 41-year-old actress started out in the entertainment industry as Conan O' Brien's intern.

She claimed to be the worst intern ever! Just because she wanted to be around O'Brien all the time instead of doing her job.

B.J: Novak and Mindy Kaling at a scene on The Office

3. Not only she acted on NBC's The Office, but was also the most talented writer of the show according to the showrunner Greg Daniels.

The actress of The 40- year-old Virgin was for a long time the only female member of writing staff.

4. Mindy is a successful book writer too.

The two books she wrote Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and Other Concerns) and Why Not Me? Were New York Times bestsellers.

Mindy and her frien Brenda on the play Ben and Matt writtten by the actress.

5. Before Fox's Mindy Project she was writing a pilot series called Mindy and Brenda based on her relationship with her real life friend.

The studio wouldn't let her play herself on the pilot and cast a white actress instead.

Kaling wasn't happy at all with that decision but, the pilot never saw the light anyway.

Don't you fell closer to her now? I do.


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