5 fun facts about talk show host Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is a mega talented media excecutive who's done it all! She's known as "the queen of all media". The talk show host has delved into so many celebrities lives but how much do you know about hers. We've listed 5 fun facts about the television producer. Check out the video!

  1. Her birth name is actually "Orpah" after the biblical character in the Book of Ruth but people mispronounced it and it ended up being "Oprah"
  2. She won Miss Black Tennessee beauty pageant at 17. This led to her first media job at a radio station.
  3. As a child she was really poor, Winfrey was teased for wearing dresses made of potato sacks.
  4. She has donated her voice for many cartoon characters
  5. She got her ears pierced on national TV for her 51st birthday

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