Britney Spears and Her Boyfriend Sam Asghari Grab In-N-Out Burger

5 financial facts about Britney Spears that will surprise you

The pop singer, whose net worth is $59 million, has managed to make a lot of money throughout the years in ways that would be impossible for another human being. Check them out!

By  Estefania Martínez
  • By law, she is not allowed to control her money after extravagant spending.
  • She has a website where she sells clothing, fragrances and even wine glasses!
  • The singer has been modeling for brands like Kenzo, McDonald’s and Pepsi.

 1) Expensive union

Britney and her boyfriend, Sam. Source: 2019 Getty Images

She is now with a new love called Sam Asghari, but her former husband and father of her 2 kids, the dancer Kevin Federline costed her $1 million plus $20.000 dollars monthly in child support money.

2) Love the smell of the money!

Her best selling fragrance

Her fragrance called Curious, in association with Elizabeth Arden made over $100 million in sales in over a year.

3) Las Vegas baby!

Britney had one of the most successful residencies in the history of Las Vegas. Source: Ebay

She had a residency in Las Vegas for two years with a contract for $35 million, more than Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez at the time.

4) I love you Simon!

Simon Cowell and Britney Spears. Source: The Mirror

She won over $15 million as partner for Simon Cowell in the TV show called X Factor.


Her dad James Spears and his conservatorship partner, Bessemer Trust,  need to approve all of her spending since 2008 after she spent over $20.000 monthly on hairdresser and $24.000 on her pets. Fans are trying to give Britney some independence under the #FreeBritney movement. 

Extra fact

One of her songs, "Baby One More Time", has been listed the most influential song by the magazine Rolling Stone!


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