Greta Thunberg

5 facts about Time’s magazine person of the year

Swedish Greta Thunberg was voted 2019 person of the year by Time magazine. She is an environmentalist. In this video we show you some facts that will make you reflect on what were you doing when you were a teenager.

  • We already talked about her in the past and why her actions are so noble and pure. 
  • This is a different approach on a wonderful woman that achieved so much in so little time.

1. She is friends with Leo Di Caprio, Barack Obama and Pope Francis

2. She was born in 2003. That means, that she is only 17!

3. She travelled the world in a zero emissions yacht (more than 3000 miles across the Atlantic).

4. She has Asperger’s syndrome. That means, she has autism.

5. She could win the Nobel Prize. She has been nominated and could be the youngest to win the almost 1 million dollar prize.

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