Dwayne Johnson

5 crazy facts about the highest paid actor, Dwayne Johnson

The Rock has been leading over the past years the Forbes’s magazine highest paid Hollywood actor ranking. What are his luxury purchases and how was he struggling when he started? Check it out below.

By  Charles Lorenz
  • Johnson has a production company, real estate around the world and financial investments.
  • He spent a lot of money on the island of Hawaii, where he was born. 
  • The Rock also helped several of his family members, giving them part of his $280 million wealth.
Dwayne playing football. Source: Getty Images

1. His production company is called "Seven Bucks Productions" because that was how much money he had when his professional football career ended, playing for University of Miami.  

2. Suit lover. After his famous HBO series "Ballers" he held every suit he purchased and was taylored made for his incredible body.

3. Cars. He has several Pagani, including one Huayra that costs around $1 million. They are super luxury cars hand made by Horacio Pagani, an Argentinian who has a fabric in Italy next to Ferrari. 

4. Real Estate. He loves purchasing, flipping and selling houses. Because he travels so much, they need to have great location, just like his luxury condo in New York with Central Park views. 

5. Flying solo. Well, it should be really tough for his size (6'3" tall 236 lbs of weight) to travel economic. So he purchased a private jet Gulfstream G650 that costs around $70 million. 

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