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The 5 highest paid musicians on Instagram

A great number of singers leaned over social media, often surprisingly. For several celebrities like BTS, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Justin Bieber, this has been one of their most lucrative businesses and transformed into real influencers. Find out who earns the most, below! 

  • From promoting their own brands to endorsing companies, this strategy works great both for brands and celebrities. 
  • BTS for example, collaborated with several companies including McDonald's and Samsung. 
  • Instagram was created by an American computer programmer Kevin Systrom, who was also on the list of the wealthiest entrepreneurs under 40 with Mike Krieger, who co-founded Instagram with him.
Instagram 2020 following statistics.

The Instagram algorithm works on "more followers, more money". Therefore, some stars earn more than others.

5. Taylor Swift: $730,000 per post

Taylor Swift's Instagram post in July 2021

With a net worth of over $400 million and over 166 million followers on Instagram, Taylor won't be having trouble paying her bills. She engages her fans with promotional content as well as sharing lovely photos of her cats. 

4. Justin Bieber: $760,000 per post

Justin Bieber's Instagram post in July 2021

Recently, the pop star has been focused more on his private life, his marriage with Hailey Bieber and releasing amazing songs like 'Holy' than being active on social media. Still, he manages to make a fortune with his endorsements and promoting his clothing brand, Drew House to his 181 million followers. 

3. Beyoncé Knowles $780,000 per post

Beyonce's Instagram post in July 2021

With a net worth of over $500 million and a powerful marriage to Jay-Z, the singer has over 190 million followers on her account, where she shows mainly herself in absolute stunning and well curated photos. 

2. Selena Gomez $850,000 per post

Selena Gomez' Instagram post in July 2021

Selena was an early adopter of the social network and managed to gain over 241 million followers. She usually promotes her cosmetic brand, Rare Beauty and shares some insights on her acting and singing skills. 

1. Ariana Grande $870,000 per post

Ariana Grande's Instagram post in July 2021

Ari has almost 250 million followers, and they are in love with the content the singer posts. She is the perfect influencer, with a mix of private and business life as well as promoting her philantrophy work with non-profits like Better Help. 


How much money does BTS and Blackpink make per Instagram post?

BTS: $230,000 per post

BTS's Instagram post in July 2021

The K-Pop band started 'late' on the social network, but has one of the most successful engagement ratios in the music industry. With over 45 million followers, they have a strongly curated social media page, where they promote mostly their new song releases like 'Butter' and 'Dynamite'. 

Blackpink: $190,000 per post

Blackpink's Instagram post in July 2021

'Blinks', Blackpink fans, play a vital role in the success of the female K-Pop idols. They support the group on every post, and they are getting to reach BTS in fame, with almost 40 million followers.

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