5 actress Jennifer Aniston's fun facts

We all love Jennifer as an actress, model and person. We know a lot about her life. But do we really?The following fun facts will blow your mind!

By  Estefania Martinez
  • We all agree that Jennifer Aniston does not age. She looks as stunning and marvelous as she did in the 90s. We might know everything about her character Rachel from "Friends" but not about her real life right?
  • She started with social networks in 2019 and her first photo with the cast of Friends got 16 million likes!
  1. She was born in the entertainment world being her parents and godfather acting stars.
  2. She also has fear of going into pools after almost getting drowned in one as a child.
  3. Before her role as Rachel, she actually wanted to be Monica. ¿How would that have turned?
  4. Another fun fact: she almost worked in Titanic as Rose alongside Leo Di Caprio. Nevertheless, Aniston married Leo's good friend Brad Pitt.
  5. After all that, she was awarded a place in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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