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5 Things you didn’t know about the actress Emma Watson!

The British icon is highly appreciated for her amazing work. Her role in the ‘Harry Potter’ series will forever be cherished by the fans. However, there’s a lot more to her than just her acting career. Keep reading to find out more!

•    Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson has a net worth of $80 million.
•    Besides the Harry Potter series, Watson has starred in movies like ‘Beauty and The Beast’ and ‘Little Women’.
•    The 30-year-old is currently dating the businessman, Leo Robinton.

Emma Watson. Source: Getty Images

1.    Emma has been working as an advocate for women’s rights for the past many years. She was appointed as a UN goodwill ambassador for women.

Emma Watson in Uruguay with the Minister of Economy and Finance, Danilo Astori. Source: Twitter

2.    After shooting the ‘Harry Potter’ films, Watson went on to complete her education. She successfully graduated from ‘Brown’ university in 2014.

3.    Other than being a star, an activist, and a fashion icon, Emma is also a certified Yoga instructor.

4.    Although she hasn’t been very vocal about it, the actress has been diagnosed with ADHD.

5.    ‘Hermione’ is also a book worm in real life. She often leaves books on the subway for other people to read.

Watch this video below to see all the contents Emma carries on her handbag!

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