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5 Impressive facts about 'songbird supreme' Mariah Carey

The singer-songwriter and record producer was the most successful artist of the 1990s in the US according to Billboard and according to the World Music Awards the world's best-selling music artist of that decade. Get to know the 90s queen better below.

1. In high school her nickname was mirage because she used to skip class a lot. Did you know the diva quit high school to attend beauty school for her junior and senior year?

2. She only sings songs she writes. She has never used anything from other songwriters.

3. Carey used to be a vegetarian, but her first husband and manager Tommy Mottola convinced her to eat meat again. Mottola and Carey married in 1993 while the singer was working on her third album.

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola divorced in 1998

4. In 1999 the singer bought Marilyn Monroe’s white baby grand piano. She paid an impressive $600,000 for it!

5. The singer is renowned for her five-octave vocal range, but if it wasn't because she quit smoking perhaps we would've never gotten to enjoy her melismatic singing style. Carey says after she quit she gained three octaves more. Guinness World Records called her the "Songbird Supreme."

Check out some of Mariah's music video facts too! 


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