5 Fun facts you didn't know about superhero movies

5 Fun facts you didn't know about superhero movies

We've all seen a superhero movie. Some more than others, we are all aware of the latest releases and follow the super powerful in their adventures. Of course there are always new things to discover. Scroll down for 5 fun facts about the most acclaimed superhero movies.  

  • The first Superhero brought to the big screen was Superman in 1951
  • -A total of 121 superhero movies have been released so far!
  • Avengers Endgame 2019 ranks number one in the box office with a record of $2.620 million.


2020 has been hard on the entertainment industry, specially with the partial or permanent closure of movie theaters due to the pandemic.

Everyone's waiting for new movie releases. One of the most acclaimed genres by the audience is superhero movies.

Black Widow promotional poster. The movie premiere had to be delayed.

Most of us have seen many of them more than once, but we bet you didn't know these top 5 fun facts about superheroes.

A scene from the move Thor Ragnarok.

5- Thor was scripted by a kid in Ragnarök. The hilarious line "He is a friend from work" said by Chris Hemsworth to see Hulk  was suggested by a child who was visiting the set with The Make a Wish Foundation.

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman.

4-Wonder Woman was about to become Wonder Mom in the film. Gal Gadot was 5 months pregnant when she shot the movie and her belly had to edited away.

Joker hospital scene. Dark Knight 2008.

3- They blew up an actual building in The Dark Knight movie. The production was very lucky to find a candy factory that was scheduled for demolition when they were shooting the movie. All they had to do was turn the front into a hospital, fill it with explosives and boom!.

A scene from Guardians of The Galaxy. Written by Nicole Perlman.

2-Guardians of the Galaxy was a total success among women. 44% of the movie's audience were females. The highest in the Marvel Universe. Later, Nicole Perlman, writer of the movie, also co-wrote Captain Marvel.

Pixar's The Incredibles.

1- Pixar's first human perspective movie was The Incredibles. Until then, all their movies were approached from toys or animal's points of view.

We bet you didn't know all these things! Did you?

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