5 Celebrities who came out of the closet

Celebrities may choose not to come out due to the stress generated by constantly being in the public eye. However, we're living in different time and fortunately many stars feel free to come out of the closet, leave their fears and talk openly about their intimacy.

  1. Ellen DeGeneres appeared on the cover of TIME magazine saying "Yep. I'm gay," which broke sales records.
  2. Ricky Martin made it public in 2010 through a message on his networks "I felt like I was hiding this whole time".
  3. Jodie Foster did it on the Golden Globes stage and was very nervous, but said doing it "made me stronger."
  4. Neil Patrick Harris confessed in 2006 after saying that he is "proud of my condition".
  5. Kristen Stewart confessed that TV producers "didn't want me to do it" but the Twilight actress did it on Saturday Night Live.

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