Gina Stewart Gina Stewart

This is by far the most beautiful grandma in the world

A 49-year-old woman called Gina Stewart has taken the Internet by storm after some users found out she is a grandma. Stewart has 4 children and won several beauty pageants competing against women half his age. She shared a picture wearing face masks as a dress and the fans got crazy! Her beauty tricks? Revealed below.

  • Gina lives in Queensland, in the Australian Gold Coast.
  • The place is famous for its incredible good-looking inhabitants that have a lifestyle similar to California in the United States.
  • Her courage for trying different beauty treatments paid off.
  • She goes once a week to a cold chamber for a treatment that is called cryotherapy
  • Gina appeared on several TV shows across the world after her discovery!

The model revealed that her most secret beauty tip is using cryotherapy. Traditionally, this method was used for burning skin warts. Applying nitrogen, doctors could freeze the skin until they burned it.

Gina Stewart before and after

After technology developed, "hyper-cooling" chambers became the ultimate celebrity and professional athlete muscle fatigue remedy.

Gina doesn't look like the normal grandma

Gina goes there once a week, remaining 3 minutes in temperatures below -200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Famous YouTuber Logan Paul filmed an episode of his vlog with former model girlfriend Josie Canseco while performing a session in Los Angeles. Athletes like Novak Djokovic, Lebron James and Tom Brady have also performed this therapy. 

Now, you realize that if someone tells you that their grandma is at home, you can be surprised! Several fans wrote that they wish that was their grandma! Hilarious!  What would your wish be? Comment below!

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