Selena Gomez

3 things that you probably didn't know about Selena Gomez

The Mexican-American actress, who is now 28 years old, has a life worthy of a film. We show you in the following video facts that will amaze you! Check them out!

  • The Texas singer has a net worth of $75 million and is 5ft 5inches tall.
  • She became famous after acting the role of Gianna as a child in the TV series "Barney & Friends".
  • Films and shows like "Spy Kids 3-d","Hannah Montana" and "Wizards of Waverly Place" gave her strength and confidence for her singer career.

1. She manages her social media alone. Selena might be the only star that really knows what she is doing. Fans love her (she has over 61 million on Facebook, 21 on TikTok, 62 on Twitter and 185 million on Instagram!). Why? "I love the opportunity of having a real connection with my supporters and I learn a lot from them".

Justin and Selena in the good old times. Source: Getty Images

2. Love life: she hates dating. The idea of someone already knowing everything about her might be scary, so she prefers that things happen spontaneously. She dated singer Justin Bieber, Twilight actor Taylor Lautner, DJ Zedd, singer The Weekend and some rumors might say that she even hangs out with actor Orlando Bloom, but rumors haven't been confirmed.

3. Sickness: after being absent on social media during the year 2016, she opened up about having lupus, an autoimmune failure that can be cured with chemotherapy. She was depressed but managed to fight it and being brave enough to talk about it! Check it out!

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