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3 surprising life stories about actress Cameron Diaz

Since 2014 the Hollywood star has kept a low profile and hasn't been seen on screen. She is publicly active on Instagram, where she has 7 million followers, released a couple of books, joined the dance video mobile app TikTok, and even created a brand of wines called Avaline that is "clean, vegan wine without all the extras". Read more below!

By  Estefania Martinez
  • Her fame was skyrocketed at when she played a role in the movie "The Mask" with Jim Carey
  • Cameron born in San Diego, California on 1972.
  • She has a net worth of $140 million dollars.
  • Her husband is famous rock singer Benji Madden from the band "Good Charlotte" and they have a son together.
Cameron Diaz with 21 years old

1. Natural talent. When she auditioned in 1994 for Tina Carlyle in "The Mask", she never acted before. Her work consisted only into modeling and even did a shirtless scene in a +21 rated film!

2. Genes and healthy routine. She publicly admitted having Botox only once in her life. Her beauty and incredible body are a product of her healthy diet that several actors and entertainment stars follow called "The 7 Hollywood Diet".

Her acting days are over. Source: Getty Images

3. She is retired from acting and Hollywood. Diaz disclosed to a friend during a conversation on Zoom that she wanted different things for her life, revealing the difficulties and stress of acting on a movie "you're owned and subjected to work for 12 long hours a day". Also, acting exposed her personal life to the public.

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