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3 suprising life stories about rapper Jay-Z Carter

The award-winning musician and multi-millionaire entrepreneur accomplished the American dream after being born in the projects. His surprising life facts, coming up next. 

By  Charles Lorenz
  • He was born as Shawn Corey Carter in New York. 
  • Apart from singing, producing and representing artists, he has restaurants, clothing lines and tech companies. 
  • Jay-z is the first hip-hop artist to become a billionaire. 
Rapping was always his passion. Source: Getty Images

1. Early manhood. He became the man of his house at the age 11, after his father left and never came back. That struggle helped him in becoming independent and looking for a better life at a young age. 

Jay-z riding the NYC subway

2. He is a man of the people. Shawn was seen several times both in New York and London riding the subway, on his way to his concerts. Fans that were on their way to the stadium to see him perform were shocked and took pictures with him.

His entrepreneurship spirit made him a billionaire.

3. He is a billionaire. Starting his success with hip hop, he managed to establish a portfolio that includes mansions around the world, ownership in the NBA basketball team New York Nets, clothing brand called Rocawear as well as beverages. About his ventures he stated "my companies are like an extension from myself, I get attached emotionally to them". Who knows, maybe his emotions are a fundamental part of his success. 

Singing along his wife, Beyoncé

Here is one of the most epic songs of Jay-Z in collaboration with Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind":

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