Rihanna for Savage X Fenty 2020 Rihanna for Savage X Fenty 2020

3 secrets Rihanna revealed about her Savage X Fenty Show

On Friday 2, October, Rihanna was the producer and creative director of her 'Savage X Fenty Show Vol.2.' On it, we saw the whole Fall's 2020 collection of the artist's brand. She revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets, and we will share them with you! Keep reading for more!

  • The 32-year-old artist has her own cosmetic brand 'Fenty Beauty' since 2017.
  • She expanded the business by including 'Fenty Savage,' her lingerie brand in 2018, and the 'Fenty' fashion label in 2019.
  • The first edition of the show from the lingerie brand was in 2019, and this second volume led the audience astonished!

1. Having ideas in a pandemic moment. The show helped us to forget for a while about the whole Covid-19 situation. Despite that, the isolating conditions were the ones that helped Rihanna to come out with this collection. 

Rihanna at the Savage X Fenty Show

Being in lockdown, all you have is really yourself — your mind, your own thoughts, your imagination — and it forces a lot of creative out of a lot of people,” she explained to the media. 

Cara Delevingne at the Savage X Fenty Show

2. Hand-written bras. Many underwear pieces showed at the event had some of Rihanna's sketches on them, inspired in some Diary writings. She said that she prefers writing everything by hand, even in this virtual era we live in!

“I wanted to have my handwriting be a part of it, but I never really had a journal, so I didn’t even know what I would write in a diary, besides doodles,” explained Riri.

3. Loving yourself. The brand owner always talks about the importance of expressing and loving yourself. She said that confidence is the most important thing and that diversity is part of life too, and also that we should embrace it!

Lizzo at the Savage X Fenty Show

At the show, singer Lizzo taught us about self-love with her performance in front of a mirror with blue lingerie and white sneakers. She seemed to be deeply in love with herself during the whole appearance, and we were in love with her too! 

Doubtless, Savage X Fenty is an incredible example of how clothing brands should be for making us more comfortable with ourselves. The artist is really conscious about the different kinds of bodies and the importance of feeling good about what you have. Thank you, Rihanna!

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