Rihanna with a child

3 philanthropic gestures of Rihanna, the altruist singer

The Caribbean singer has millions of fans around the world that love her music, but also admire her philanthropic endeavors. She earns her dollars, but also knows how to spend them. Read the heartwarming stories below!

By  Estefania Martínez
  • Riri has been working with several charity works that help the powerless people of the society. 
  • She also likes to pay special attention to children through her foundation called Believe. 
  • Has already donated several million dollars from her $600 million net worth. 

How is she helping? Rihanna has found that through her music, influence and followers she has a lot of power to do good. 

1. Concerts: The Billboard, Grammy and MTV Awards winner has performed for children in hospitals and threw concerts like the Girl’s Night Out Initiative or Global Citizen to raise funds for her charities. 

2. Money: used personal and sponsorship funds to donate medical supplies, toys and books for children. Alongside with clothing chain H&M, designed an HIV Fashion line to raise money for scientific research.

Rihanna helps people around the world

When the Hurricane Sandy hit the Caribbean, donated 100.000 for food to the islands like Cuba, Bahama Bermudas and Jamaica. 

Rihanna uses social network to share and support social issues

3. Memorabilia and connections: as an Ambassador for UNICEF, she was the broker between a mother and a bone marrow donor using her social networks. She signed thousands of game consoles, shirts, posters and music CD’s for auction. 

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