Sofia Vergara

3 life stories about Latin actress and model Sofia Vergara

The Colombian star has everything: curves, money, health and a handsome man. She started small and ended up as the highest paid TV actress in the world. Check her story below!

By  Kelsey Miller
  • She was discovered at the beach and hired as the face of a Pepsi commercial.
  • Vergara moved to Miami to work for the Univision TV network and acted on several series for Mexico and Colombia.
  • From there, she moved to Los Angeles and worked for several movies, playing the beautiful Latina woman that she is.
  • Thanks to her role in the successful sitcom Modern Family, she won Teen and People’s Choice Awards as well as being nominated for the Golden Globes and Emmys.

1. She was supposed to be a dentist. She grew up in the city of Barranquilla, the same place where singer Shakira is born. Went to college, but after she was discovered by a talent agent, quit her studies to pursue her modeling career!

Manolo and Sofia Vergara

2. Worked as a mom her whole life. She was married to her first boyfriend and got pregnant when she was 19. He also is an actor and has thousands of followers thanks to his resemblance with his mother.

3. She has a net worth of almost $160 million. Apart from her salary earned while acting and modeling, Sofia has a clothing line called Vergara, jewelry and furniture.

Watch in the following video what she enjoys when her husband, actor Joe Mangianello, isn´t there:

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