jimmy kimmel hosting emmys awards jimmy kimmel hosting emmys awards

3 incredible Emmy Awards 2020 facts to keep in mind

Apart from being the first virtually held prize ceremony in history, the world is going to be seeing a more equal, just, and heart-warming entertainment industry that is changing for the good. And we want to keep you with this marvelous updates that are making the world a better place, after all the issues we had. Specially in the United States. Read more below to find out! 

  • No red carpet for this year: celebrities are going to be appearing from their homes in pajamas!
  • This is the funny dress code for 2020: "whatever you want but try to make an effort."
  • No audience is allowed, but they are expecting to be the most streamed Award ceremony in history. 
The Emmys in 2020. From home!

World is changing and producers need to adapt. For the actors, it will be fine. They are missing the awesome catering and after party, but they can chill from their couch and enjoy a cup of wine while "acting" with just their underwear.

Jimmy Kimmel is hosting. He was already twice a host in '12 and '16 and did a superb job.

The show is also lasting an entire week after they started with several awards at the beginning of the week. But the big stars like Ken Jeong, Jennifer Aniston, Mindy Kaling and Ty Burrell from "Modern Family" will be on screen tomorrow!

Also, check out this incredible facts!

1) All the eyes of this year are going to be with HBO's series Watchmen, who got the record of 26 nominations. 

2) On the other hand, the future is here. Ladies and gentlemen: Netflix has made a new record after being the platform with most nominations in the world. 

3) After the Black Lives Matter movement took strength and support throughout the country, the entertainment industry makes no exception: we have a record of African-American actors being nominated this year. And they should thank every one of you that fought against racism and looked for the gender and race equality. 

Watch this video if you want to learn what to expect from this year!

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