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3 female icons from the E! People's Choice Awards

Remember the 2019 People's Choice Aawards? It seems like it was in another life but only 365 days passed. 2019 was a girly year for the most important awards given by the audience. 3 female icons were honored. And you know them really good.  Keep reading to find out more

  • People's Choice Awards first edition was in 1970 produced by CBS from 2018 E! Entertainment started producing the show and turned it into E! People's Choice Awards.
  • It's an award given to artists from all categories from music to cinema and TV. As well as pop figures and even animal celebrities!
  • This year Jennifer Lopez is set to be honored with People's Icon Award."


This year has been very hard for everyone and also for the entertainment industry. No more hugs or hand shakes on the red carpet.

Displays of affection have been swapped for social distance and face masks matching haute couture dresses.

Anyway, the good news is that there will be People's Choice Awards, and they are just around the corner.

Jennifer Lopez is set to win the Icon Award this year.

Jennifer Lopez is getting People's Icon award this year and that got us thinking that last year only females won the honor to be named as icons.

Lets' check them out.

Jennifer Aniston getting her People's Icon Award in 2019.

1. Jennifer Aniston's got emotional receiving her Icon award. The actress was very pleased to receive the award and a couple of tears were shed in the acceptance speech.

She took the opportunity to thank the Friends series for all that it has given to her professional and personal life.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton at People's Choice Awards 2019.

2.Gwen Stefani. The 50-year-old singer received the Fashion Icon award and dedicated a few words to her man.

Who accompanied her at all times. They were like on a super romantic date. So sweet!

Pink with the whole family last year at People's Choice Awards

3 Pink was honored with the Champion Award. This really suits the singer for sure. She is a fighter and a tough looking woman but deep inside Pink is a sweet momy.

She walked down the red carped with her two kids and husband.

Stay alert to find out who wins this year.

We've got the feeling that 2020 is going to be a color People's Choice Awards. 


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