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3 celebritiies who lied on MTV Cribs

The famous MTV Cribs show was widely watched by fans who wanted to know how their favorite celebrities lived. There was controversy over the veracity of such luxurious lifestyles. We've discovered that some stars have faked their fortunes. Scroll down to find out who lied!

  • MTV Cribs was released in September 2000.
  • The show had 9 seasons and 113 episodes.
  • Today MTV producers make a short-form episodes and show them through Snapchat Discover.

There were several celebrities who had to lie to appear to have more money than they actually did.

MTV Crib's production wanted to show the maximum ostentation possible and urged the famous entertainment figures to exaggerate.

This is the case of these three stars that we are going to show you below.

KKW showing her dance pole on MTV Cribs, 2007.

1. Kim Kardashian showed her mother's house. At the time the reality show star was just beginning to be famous.

Her intimate video launched her to fame and Keeping up with the Kardashian won her millions.

But before that Kim's house was not worthy of the show.
She even had a dance pole installed in one of the bedrooms to make it look as hers.

MTV Cribs starring 50 Cent.

2. 50 cent showed a Ferrari that wasn't his. Besides their cribs, the producers of the show wanted the artists to show an impressive car collection.

Looks like the rapper's wasn't impressive enough, so he had to borrow the red Ferrari that appeared on the show.

Bow Wow showing MTV around his Atlanta mansion.

3. Bow Wow rented all the cars he showed. Shad Moss AKA Bow Wow has a net worth of $1.5 so it seems impossible that he could manage to afford all those fancy cars. They might have been expensive to rent though.

Here's an extra fact. Redman wasn't up for lying, so he took MTV to his real home.

The fans got the chance to see his messy house and even his cousin sleeping on the floor!. Watch the video it's hilarious.

Contrary to the show's point of view, that episode was one of the audience's favourite.

The public just want to know their celebrities lifestyle even if it's not that fancy.

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