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3 Surprising secret facts about "Criminal Minds" series

The CBS show aired in 2005 and ran for 15 years. It was one of the longest running dramas on television. The show was a hit and the cast remained pretty much the same throughout the years. However, you'll be surprised to know the following secret facts behind the successful series and its characters.

  • During 15 seasons viewers grew fond of the cast members and their very distinct personalities. 
  • Many characters left the show for different scripted reasons and returned later on. While their absence makes sense on screen, here's the secret truth behind their leave.
  1. The very serious and calm Aaron Hotchner played by former Dharma and Greg actor, Thomas Gibson wasn't so calm on the set of season 12 when he kicked 

    writer and co-executive producer Virgil Williams in the shin. Apparently it wasn't the first time the actor gushed out like that.

    Agents Jason Gideon and Aaron Hotchner
  2. Mandy Patinkin who played Jason Gideon on the show left in 2007 "to spend more time with his family" but later in 2012 he said that being on the show was the biggest mistake he's made because the plot was "destructive to my soul and personality". However, the actor later starred in Homeland. Actress and co-star Jeanne Tripplehorn called Patinkin a hypocrite because Homeland is equally violent.

    Agents Emily Prentiss and J.J Jerome
  3. Actresses Paget Brewster (Special Agent Emily Prentiss) and A.J. Cook (J.J. Jerome) were fired from the show at the beginning of season 6. Apparently CBS Network asked Criminal Minds showrunner to "bring new women". Brewster negotiated 17 more episodes and Cook shot an episode explaining her leave. Luckily they were both rehired after thousands of fan letters of complaint. 

Other actors have left on their own terms to pursue other endeavors like Shemar Moore who played Derek Morgan on the show and Jennifer Love Hewitt who left after giving birth to spend time with her family.

Actors Shemar Moore and Jennifer Love Hewitt

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