3 Interesting facts about 'Home Alone' star Macaulay Culkin

Child star Macaulay Culkin will always be remembered by his role as Kevin in the classic Christmas film "Home Alone". You might also recall his role in "My Girl" as Thomas, the sweet boy who got stung by bees. The actor decided to make a pause in his career and get away from Hollywood to lead a "normal" life.

  1. He was very good friends with Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson asked Culkin to be his daughter Paris' godfather. Macaulay and Paris remain friends and even got matching tattoos.
  2. He was in a band called the Pizza Underground. The name was a nod to his character's favorite food in Home Alone. They played tribute to the Velvet Underground.
  3. When he was 16 he legally emancipated from his parents. Culkin claimed his father made him sleep on the couch and mismanaged his earnings.  

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