3 Hollywood couples that met in a strange way 3 Hollywood couples that met in a strange way

3 Hollywood couples that met in a strange way

We all love Hollywood couples. It amuses us to hear all about your comings and goings. However, love doesn't always come in a conventional way. We have selected some celebrity couples who 've found love in unusual situations. Keep reading to find out more

  • It is not easy for Hollywood celebrities to settle down, most of them have a long dating list.
  • Though finding love is not easy, nowadays we have many apps in which we can find our perfect match.
  • Long distance relationships and busy schedules are definitely reasons why stars find it so difficult to keep their romances going.

It should be easy for a celebrity to meet new people. The circle In the  in which they move and with their lifestyles they are in contact with many artists and entertainment industry figures .

Stars are always in the spotlight.

Not counting the millions of people who follow and want them. The successful ones have a very wide menu to choose from.

However, here are 3 cases in which love came in an unconventional way. Check out our selection of three celebrity couples who met in a curious way.

One of the many pictures they have together on the red carpet.

1. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. This was probably the most beloved celebrity couple ever. Maybe because they looked so good together or maybe because they just felt right for each other.

They met back in 1994 but both were in a relationship at that time. It was 4 years later that their agents set them up for a blind date!. OMG can you imagine going on a blind date with Brad Pitt!

Rita and Calvin when they were dating.

2- Calvin Harris and Rita Ora. Twitter was responsible for this bound. The DJ and the singer got in touch through Twitter and managed to stay together for one year. Thy also broke up through Twitter. Kind of sad!

Matt Damon's beautiful family.

3- Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso. This is probably the most interesting story of them all.

Matt Damon was shooting a movie in Miami and Luciana was working at a bar right across the street from the set.

One day The actor went to that bar and totally fell for her. They got married in 2005, got three daughters and are still together!. 

We're happy to know that love can come so unexpected! Don't you?


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