Jimmy Kimmel hosting the Emmys 2020. Jimmy Kimmel hosting the Emmys 2020.

3 Fun facts about the TV Emmy Awards

Did you know the word Emmy comes from a TV tube? The Emmy is an award given to the best of the best in American TV shows. Since the TV became another member of our families we love watching the ceremonies were our favorite shows are honored. Below more awesome facts about the fourth mos important award ceremony in America.

  • The name Emmy comes from a piece of the camera called ""Immy"".
  • Emmy is the feminized version that goes better with the statue that is awarded.
  • The award is a winged woman holding an atom and is based on a real woman. Continue reading.
The famous Emmy Award. Source: Eric Jamison/Invision/AP

At the beginning of the 1950s the Emmy was an event held in Los Angeles and recognized TV shows from that city. It was 1955 when it became a nationwide event and by 1974 the first Daytime Award ceremony was held.

Nowadays there are different ceremonies that render recognition to the TV industry. The most viewed are the awards given to honor daytime and prime time programs.

Due to Covid restrictions this year the event will be streamed online. We all look forward to watching who receives the famous statuette and love sharing the emotion actors express when their passion is appreciated and valued. See you at the Emmys!

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