Tom Cruise riding his bike

The electric luxury motorbike male celebrities are buying

Tarform is the new revolution concerning luxury vehicles. The catch? It's entirely made with recyclable materials and its 100% electric. The design is based in Tom Cruise’s motorbike from the film Mission Impossible: Fallout. Check it out!

  • The brooklyn design firm was founded by Taras Kravtchouk, a designer who found a niche within Hollywood male stars.
  • There are several celebrity bikers like soccer star David Beckham, actors Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney and Brad Pitt.
  • Some female stars are also known for using that transport option: singers Pink and Cher and actress Angelina Jolie.

The creator was inspired after seeing many Hollywood stars doing action scenes in their bikes and afterwards riding them in "real life". He decided he wanted to use something that could be climate-change friendly, so he uses metal, leather and other biodegradable materials.

George Clooney riding his bike.

Taras is calling it "the motorcycle of tomorrow". The seats are made from vegetarian leather, the paint comes from algae and no plastic is used, instead, the company chose aluminum.

The production is entirely made with bio materials

It's price? 42.000 dollars, and they have already 1500 buyers waiting for their first.

Many of those buyers wish to remain anonymous, but it is known that many actors and people in the entertainment industry support environmental causes, like Leo Di Caprio, who was one of the first clients in the world to purchase a Toyota Prius, the first mass-produced hybrid car. Paparazzi are already waiting at Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills to start taking photos of celebrities in their eco-friendly bikes.

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