The Film Industry saved by The Venice Film Festival

The Film Industry saved by The Venice Film Festival

The Venice Film Festival is taking place this year since September 2. This is the industry's first major event since the coronavirus lockdown. Its celebration means the opening of the red carpets and a hope for the affected film industry.

  • The Venice Film Festival is the oldest in the industry, first held in 1932.
  • This year the Venice Film Festival celebrates its 77th edition.
  • In this edition, 20 films will be released, many of them outdoors.
  • The festival is held on the island of Lido, this year the actress Cate Blanchet will preside over the jury.

The celebration of the 77th edition of the Venice Film Festival marked the opening of the realization of face-to-face events of the film industry. The director of the festival, Alberto Barbera spoke about the growing number of subscribers of streaming platforms such as Netflix and how the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to end the film industry.

Attendants to The Venice Film Festival posing with face masks as protocol required.

The acclaimed director urged the cooperation and solidarity of directors and filmmakers in order to maintain the film culture and make it rise from the ashes. In fact, he revealed the existence of a letter signed by 7 other directors of international festivals such as Cannes, which has been a great "rival" of the Venice film festival.

A view of the festival's red carpet, showing social distancing.

The celebration of this festival gives us hope regarding the return to the "new normal" of an industry that has suffered the impact of the pandemic causing partial or permanent closure of many movie theaters. We are very happy to know that there is a silver lining to all of this and that we will surely soon witness unprecedented partnerships in the film industry. We'll see what the future holds. Meanwhile, enjoy The Venice Film Festival.

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