5 fun facts about American actor Leonardo DiCaprio

Don't you just want to know everything about this Oscar award wining star? We let you in on some interesting stories in the following video!

By  Charles Lorenz
1. Matthew McConaughey was considered for the role of Jack in Titanic but James Cameron wanted Leo.
2. Leo's first onscreen job was on a TV show, but he was fired for being too disruptive.
3. One of the many models he dated once hit him with a broken bottle in 2005 an injured his face. She went to jail for 2 years in 2010 for the incident.
4. Tarantino wanted Leo to play the role of the Nazi in Inglorious Bastards, but he said no and the role went to Christoph Waltz who won an Oscar for it.
5. When he started his career his agent suggested he change his name to Lenny so it would sound more American. Fortunately Leo said no.

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