Can Youtube star Logan Paul win against Floyd Mayweather?

Entertainment world. Oh, how do we love you. You make that even the richest athlete on the planet, now-retired to come back and fight against Paul, a 25 year-old Ohio native who now lives in a $8 million mansion in Los Angeles. Read more below to learn more about the incredible event that is coming.   

  • Mayweather has a net worth of almost $450 million. He made $100 million for a single fight against Manny Pacquiao
  • Logan fought one time professionally against British YouTuber KSI and lost the match.
  • Due to medical reasons, he quit because his injury risk is really high.
  • This could be one of the most viral events of the year. 

How a boxing legend would step out of retirement to fight against a YouTuber? Well, it's 2020 people, weird stuff is happening. Let's get better used to it before it's too late.

Floyd, who is now 43 years old last fought (and won) against celebrity UFC champion Conor McGregor. So why fighting someone almost as amateur as Paul? Numbers, basic numbers.

With his brother, Jake Paul, he has have built an online empire that includes a subscription VIP club, clothing, podcasts, music videos, movies and brand deals.

With 22,4 million subscribers he has one of the most successful channels in the world. Keemstar, another Internet star, leaked via Twitter that he has sources that a deal has been signed for this being one of the most important sports events in the world.

We are more than eager to see it happen. Not only for the sports itself, but for the surrounding show. His brother has been confirmed to fight former NBA basketball player Nate Robinson as a preliminary fight for the legend Mike Tyson return.

The answer of YouTube star Logan Paul

Joe Rogan, the famous UFC commentator/YouTuber/Podcast host, stated that despite this not being one of the events people would expect to be competitive, Logan could give a surprise.

The young Internet star is a former wrestler (and a very good one). He also trained the several years with a personal chef, trainer, meditation session, like a professional boxer would do.

Joe talking on his podcast about Logan

Joe really believes in this kid: "he is exhibiting real skill. He knows how to scramble, he’s got real wrestling skill."

Yes, he lost against KSI in England, but his wrestlings skills could give the young boy from Ohio a certain advantage. What do you guys think? 

This is 2020, where sports athletes are fighting YouTubers, making millions and celebrating each one their own way. And the fans, who have something to talk about amid such a difficult year. Like I said, let's get better used to it before it's too late.

If you want to know how tough can Logan Paul box, watch the video below:

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